Saturday, February 23, 2008

Two Wheels and a Can-Do Attitude

They flout the laws of physics. They stack on, pack in, and pile up. They never say die; only "more straps."

This animal, by the way, was still alive and trying like hell to kick its way off.


Ken said...

Hi guys,
Your mother told me about your blogs and I have been following it since the beginning. I really enjoy what you are doing and love the pictures/drawings.
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One thing to keep in mind, before you eat anything, make sure to ask for the price. Ben Thanh market is known for ripping off tourists. Anything more than $35K per bowl is a rip off.
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Ohla Ohla!! said...

that's some awesome pictures..cow on the back of the motorcycle.

Ctown said...

you know what the guy riding the cow needs? a tiger.