Sunday, February 17, 2008

Over The Line!

As scary as Chinese officials are, it was still a pretty funny because they didn't know what to do with us. They put us in a guarded room with 10 couches. The border guards from China and Vietnam don't directly communicate, and they wouldn't let us leave the building and walk 200 meters to the border (painted line in the road) to ask ourselves, so we had to have two other tourists cross over with our passports and ask for us.

Vietnam's answer: "Whatevs."
China's subsequent answer: "Whatevs on our end, too."
Us: "You guys should hang out more. Peace!"

To the people who ever said Chris and I look alike... no we don't. The Chinese government says so.

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Woods said...

you couldn't re-shoot that shot where you explain you guys are stuck on the border? maybe cheat it from your hotel room bathroom? or get your VJ in to do a VO?