Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eat, Walk, Laugh, Eat, Walk, Laugh

Yesterday in Hong Kong:

Patrick burned his mouth on soup dumplings. We took a ferry to Hong Kong Island where we met Liz, a great friend from home and our tour guide for the day. She took us to an alien dessert bar where, against our better judgement, we tried durian cake. It smells and tastes like hot piss. To us, anyway. Then we went to the mid-level / Soho area where Liz lives. There, we hit up a temple, met the God of Kung Fu, lit some incense and prayed for a future filled with good trips, good projects and good... us. Liz bought us egg tarts, we went to a sweet Pro-Voting Power design store (Goods of Desire), and she bought the largest ginger root I've ever seen. She went off to watch horse racing and we finished the day drinking in a fake pub, hating on American dress shoes. Oh and drinking in another place and hating on cancer. Liz rules! Good bye, Hong Kong.

P.S. You know what's funny about the train from Hong Kong to Vietnam? There aint one. Today, we journey on many trains through China and potentially elsewhere to get there. Today, we march. Maybe no internet.


Peter Mansell-Moullin said...

Chinese Proverb:
A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Elizabeth said...

it was awesome seeing you guys! kiss vietnam for me!

p.s. peter and i lost all our lai see (lucky new years money) on the horses. he chose by looking at all the numbers and i chose by horse name + jockey uniform color combo (bear macho was my fav). neither method worked so no more "investments" in the horses for us! his boss owns some horses so we got to see them up close and i don't know if you've ever seen jockeys before, but not only do they have the same body, they also all have the same face. creepy.

simon said...

you don't need a train to go to vietnam from HK. It's called an airplane! PS. don't I get a fancy shirt that says HK on it bedazzled by jewels???? why? because I want it.