Monday, March 3, 2008

The Old Dusty Trail...

Our trip has ended. As you may or may not have noticed, we never made it to Laos, Cambodia or Thailand; Vietnam kept us plenty busy. Those other countries will be part 3 of our Fifty Fifty Takes Over Asia Trilogy, or as I like to call it, 50/50: 3 Fast, 3 Furious. OR 50/50: Continental Drift.

P.S. Check out Part 1 from Japan!

During our 3 weeks traveling, we took 2,000 photos, ate ridiculous, stellar food, and got diarrhea, amazingly, nonce (new word. it means "sort of" but also "never!") Below are some more fun times.

Our room at the Kowloon Hotel in Hong Kong.
Front Desk: "Would you like 2 small beds or one big one?"
Us: "How about both?"

An unsuccessful East-Meets-West breakfast in HK. Listed in the menu only as "Breakfast."

As seen in every train station in China: A boiling water spout and a rubbish can overflowing with instant noodle containers.

Our first meal in Vietnam: Hanoi's famous Bun Cha. Cold noodles, pork soup, a mountain of leafy, some crunchy white things, crab spring rolls, and on the right, an entire cereal bowl of garlic and orange peppers. The magic of Vietnamese cuisine, we found, is in the texture. And flavor. Doye.

In Hanoi with our hostel's night manager, Flower. She took us to where she likes to eat dinner which was a garage literally next door where a dude made pork dumplings. I could not identify any pork. Look how suspicious I am. My verdict: "Still tight."

Flower also took us to her favorite Pho joint. Look at those colors! Despite being made mostly out of cow heart, I think it's the most beautiful soup in the world. I kissed it with my belly. Thanks, Flower.

And thank you Mom, for the money belts. By our last day, Chris got really good at lifting his shirt, reaching into his crotch, unzipping the pouch and producing dong. I got really good at hiding mine in my backpack.

We flew over a massive glacier on the way home. Both ways, actually. Or maybe it was Antarctica. Or Krypton. Or New York.