Monday, January 28, 2008

Vaccines and The Funny Doctor

"I'm going to give you vaccines for Typhoid, Diphtheria / Tetanus, Hep A and Malaria."
"Yes, please."
"I also have these pills for painful diarrhea."
"Thank you."
"We also have an HIV vaccine."
"I was only kidding about the last one."

When a doctor makes a joke, it never feels right to laugh. You just sit there, apologetic for no good reason. I got all my shots today for my trip to Southeast Asia. Chris is a seasoned world traveller, so he's already immune to everything (including bullets). I, on the other hand, needed fortification. I got four shots in the arm, each one as sharp as a fist. I also got some semi-hallucinogenic Malaria pills.

"Take one every 3 minutes for the rest of your life."
"Can do. Is that a joke?"

So now I'm vaccinated! Well, I will be in a week and a half when most of the shots actually kick in. Probably four days after I get stabbed with a railroad spike.

50/50 Game: Find a funny word in "Tetanus."


Ctown said...

i'm salivating already. can't wait for the real thing!

Le Toastmaster said...


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Mai said...

oooh, i've got one: teats!

love the blog, kids. enjoy your tlavers!